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AFSAFI Company believes that businesses are responsible for achieving customer satisfaction and supplying them with high quality items.


We work to be the leading company in our work field and meet the customers demands and gain their satisfaction.


Our main goal is to get the satisfaction of our customers by providing the best products for them

Our Projects

This some of our projects that we are proud to share it with you.

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Our Products

We are confidently supplying construction materials and services for more than 35 years. At the same time we are also providing agriculture, forestry, fishery, foods and textile products. Following are the products that we are confidentially supplying in which we have a strong expertise and experience mentioned in their respective categories.

  • Construction & Building Materials.
  • Construction & Building Tools.
  • Construction Fittings and Tools.
  • Roads Construction Materials.
  • Agriculture Materials & Tools.
  • Cleaning Materials & Tools.
  • Foods and Textile Products.
  • Fishery & Fishing Tools & Products.
  • Relief Items.
  • Sport toys and summer Gams.

About Us

Abed El-Fattah Safi & Sons Company (AF-SAFI) was founded since 1975, formally in 2002, under the leadership of Mr. Abed El-Fattah Safi who is the current president and general manager of the company.  AF-SAFI is a well-known general trade company based in several Middle East countries particularly Palestine (Gaza strip & West Bank), Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.  The core business of AF-SAFI is wholesale supply of relief items, food and textile staff, construction materials and construction services. Besides, AF-SAFI is also providing agriculture, forestry and fishery products and services.

Today, AF-SAFI is a leading wholesale supplier in Palestine for relief items and construction materials. AF-SAFI has a proud working history within several relief, development and supply projects and activities with several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), locally and globally, such as UNRWA, MercyCorps, Coopy, FAO, Save The Children, Action Against Hunger, The Palestinian national authority as well as other private clients with very appreciative feedback.

AF-SAFI is a confidentially approved firm licensed from the Palestinian National Authority and holding the following memberships and operating permissions certificates:

  • Palestinian National Authority Operating License No: 563464999
  • Palestinian Chamber of Commerce Membership No: 700
  • Palestinian Contractors Union Membership No: 638
  • Palestinian Customs and Excise Membership No: 44380
  • Mr. Abed El-Fattah Safi

    General Manager :

    Tel:+ 97 08 2476567

    Mobile: + 97 0599 424022

  • Prof.Mohammed Safi

    Business Development Manager :

    Tel:+ 97 02 2150 207

    Mobile:+ 46 (0)704 987 404

    Email: contact@afsafi.com

    Address:  Sibeliusgången 20B, 164 77 Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Mr.Mahmoud Safi

    Jabalia Branch:

    Tel:       + 97 08 2476567

    Mobile: + 97 0599 843454

    Address: 41/9 AL-Hawaja Street, Jabalia, Gaza, Palestine.

  • Mr. Ahmed Safi

    Bait Lahia/Bait Hanoon Branch:

    Tel:       + 97 08 2454567

    Mobile: + 97 0599 867789

    Address: Hammoda crossing, Bait Lahia, Gaza, Palestine.

What others say about us

Ahmed Ali

The firm is excellent. It is really worth using for complex deals. The advice is pragmatic and practical, and the team is always available.

Ahmed AliCEOInternational organization
Bassma Sobak

It is an excellent team: very client-focused, super-responsive and incredibly available. We are very happy with the way that it works and operates.

Bassma SobakBranch Manager Local Company
Max Dijaango

The team’s commitment and commercial acumen is really impressive.

Max DijaangoManger United Nation
Dr. Ahmed Hajibi

It is very impressive how the team handles cases, especially huge, complex cases; the work and level of service are impressive.

Dr. Ahmed HajibiPrivet University Doom Inc