Services & Contracting Division

We have a more than 35 year old proud history of providing quality and diverse services in various dimensions and disciplines like shipment

  • Supplying of Construction Material:

    • On-time and reliable delivery of the goods
    • Storage facilities for building and other materials
    • Supply products from reliable and guaranteed manufacturers
  • Buildings and Engineering Services

    • Creating the design drawings and other related details
    • Consulting Services
    • Carrying out entire Construction Projects
    • Excavation and ground leveling
    • Building waste management using suitable containers
    • Providing reliable sub-contractors
    • Demolishing and landscaping works
  • Contracting and Working activities

    • Carry out the construction projects tenders
    • Perform fencing and agricultural projects
    • Carry out concrete and steel related construction activities
    • Providing transportation and shipment services for goods and passengers
    • Performing the agricultural projects and activities
  • Emergency & Relief Services

    • Foreigners hosting and service providing
    • Refugees hosting and hosting
    • Transportation services Providing under any conditions
    • Providing of lading and unloading equipment services under any conditions